Eye of A Mogul is a do-it-yourself marketing series that teaches small business owners and entrepreneurs of all types how to employ what’s called the “Mogul Marketing Strategy.”

The Strategy is a simple, easy to follow blueprint that shows today’s entrepreneurs how to employ marketing and branding strategies that are being used by Jay-Z and other 21st-century business moguls to gain a massive and loyal fan base, dominate specific industries, and create unprecedented wealth.

Mogul Marketing focuses on a market dominance strategy. It takes a mathematical and psychological approach to brand development. The primary tactics focus on building and developing a strong brand image and becoming a brand leader in a specific niche market. (The goal is to become a “big fish in a small pond” also known as a Micro-Mogul)

Why Jay Z?

Jay-Z’s net worth is estimated at $460 million as of April 2012 according to Forbes, making him the most successful hip hop artist of all time.

Michael Bailey, Co-founder of The MinorityEye, South Carolina’s largest minority-owned media company said, “I chose to study Jay Z because his philosophy is simple and it has allowed him to not only develop several hugely successful brands but to also turn himself and his lifestyle into some of the most recognizable brands in the world.”

We know that every entrepreneur won’t amass Jay Z’s wealth but every entrepreneur can become a brand leader in their specific industry, in their town, city or state by following these simple but effect branding techniques that we’ve outlined in Building A Brand, What Jay Z Can Teach You About Branding.”

There’s one thing that every entrepreneur should know and that is, “success can be is easily duplicate if you have the blueprint.” All you need is a blueprint and the key to reading that blueprint, and that key is what we are giving to entrepreneurs in the Eye of A Mogul Marketing series.