The internet world has been set afire with video of Beyonce’s sister, Salonge, viciously attacking her brother-in-law, Jay-Z in an elevator.

While comments regarding the incident have ranged from the hilarious to the absurd, there is no questioning the fact that Hov handled the confrontation with calm, self-control; proving that, even out of the public eye, the rapper has evolved into a man who has grown beyond the overly aggressive, misogynist of his early career and embraced the “businessman” image on which he has successfully built his brand.

“Jay-Z’s latest actions only further prove that we made the right decision in modeling our ‘Eye of a Mogul’ series after him,” says TME Media Group President, Michael Bailey.

“When we first began exploring the idea of developing a training program on brand management we knew we had to identify somebody who had truly mastered the art of brand management,” Bailey continued.  “We also knew that this person had to have demonstrated an ability to use that knowledge to establish themselves as a mogul.”

Eyebrows were raised when Bailey and his team decided on Jay-Z but the team never questioned the decision and has since created a comprehensive strategy to help business owners become micro-moguls in their own right.

The group studied the business tactics of the rapper turned businessman and developed an algorithm that combines Hov’s strategic approach to brand management with proven techniques to maximize the most current multi-media technologies.  This algorithm ultimately became a key principal in the “Eye of a Mogul” business training series.